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Organic Extracts Featuring Popular Ingredients

Posted by Glory Finnegan on Mar 8, 2019 10:02:00 AM

Nutrient-rich superfoods are at your fingertips with our new alcohol-based Organic Extracts.

Why Choose Neurogan Organic Extracts?

⌘ Absorbs 60% faster than capsules and powders

 Features well-known ingredients including maca, ginger, and oregano

Uses an alcohol-base for long lasting quality 

Easy to measure & dose

Add to water for a tasty flare & nutrient boost


More on Alcohol-Based Supplements


Tincture Composition

Our herbal tinctures feature a high-proof grain alcohol, an industry standard. Herbs are soaked in grain alcohol to transfer medicinal properties into the base. After this process, all of our extracts are diluted with pure distilled water.

Dosage & Quantity

In one dropper-full of our organic extracts there is less than 1 gram of alcohol. A two-dropper dose of tincture contains approximately the same amount alcohol as consuming a ripe banana. Don't worry - they will NOT get you inebriated.

Superior Lasting Quality

Due to the nature of alcohol, our tinctures have a lengthy shelf-life and are able to last long while staying bacteria free. 


If you are consuming medication that does not permit alcohol, the alcohol in the tincture can be easily evaporated. Add the tincture to a glass of steaming water or tea!

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Any Q's?

We wish you the best on your health journey! Please do not hesitate to contact our support team with any questions at 

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