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Are Hemp Oil & CBD Oil the Same?

Posted by Glory Finnegan on Oct 17, 2018 2:58:30 PM

 If you are confused on this topic, it’s not your fault. The ever-changing nature of cannabis’ legal status and social stigma make it difficult to keep up. We’re here to help make this topic easy- we'll break down the most common questions we receive associated with this complicated difference.

Let's start with a simple clarification

Cannabis: The plant genus that contains hemp & marijuana. 

Marijuana: Term used to for variations of Cannabis that can get you high. 

Hemp: Term used to describe variations of Cannabis that can't get you high.

CBD: A cannabinoid found in Cannabis.

Is hemp oil, CBD oil?

This distinction really comes down to what brand you are buying from. When you see the words hemp oil on a bottle it can mean one of two things:

1. The bottle possesses simply oil from hemp and hemp seeds that have no CBD.

2. The brand has is using the word 'hemp' in place of 'CBD', though it is, CBD oil.

Always look for more product information and be an informed consumer when you purchase a CBD product. 

Are Neurogan products CBD or Hemp?

All Neurogan products are full-spectrum, CO2 extracted, all-natural CBD products - labeled under the more general term, Hemp.

Neurogan uses the terms, 'Hemp' & 'CBD'?

The reason we use CBD/Hemp interchangeably on our site versus our packaging, is due to the complicated and intricate Cannabis market that exists today. We take certain measures in order to have a product that is always in compliance with an ever-changing market. While we know this is a confusing distinction, please rest assured that all Neurogan products are full-spectrum CBD products. 

How do I know if it's hemp or CBD?

If you take a look at the additional information regarding our products, the health benefits as well as the term,“full-spectrum”, are key ways to know that our, “Hemp Oil”- is in fact, CBD oil. Hemp Seed Oils are completely void of CBD, so it is always important to check additional information before purchasing a CBD product. Also, if you aren't sure, always reach out to a reputable company's customer service for formal clarification.

Final Thoughts: Is hemp oil the same as CBD oil? 

Short Answer, Yes and No. Some hemp extracts do not contain CBD, while products labeled CBD/Hemp oil can contain high levels of CBD and numerous health and wellness benefits. Additionally, some companies will label their CBD products, as 'hemp' in order to ensure compliance in an ever-changing market. Always read more information and educate yourself on the product you are purchasing and don't be afraid to reach out to customer service. 

Any Q’s?
Please reach out to us at with all of your CBD related questions and we'll be happy to help.


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