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Mia Nissen

Mia is a lifestyle blogger, Festival Squad contributor, and school admissions counselor. She uses her blog, The Inner Blooming, as a platform to support fellow free-spirited, open-minded women.

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5 Simple Reasons Why You Should Be Using CBD Everyday

Posted by Mia Nissen on Apr 5, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Mia Nissen, The Inner Blooming

CBD has been my saving grace for the last few months, and I am SO stoked to tell you guys about it. With starting a new job that put me in a different city every single day- I needed some serious help to maintain my peace of mind, and CBD was exactly that. BUT.. before we get into the 5 reasons why you absolutely need to use CBD every day, I think it’s so important to tell you what taking CBD doesn’t do:

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