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We've Harnessed the Strength of Organic Powders, Here's How to Use Them

Posted by Glory Finnegan on Mar 15, 2019 10:00:00 AM

 This month we're releasing our Organic Nutrient Powders

Enjoy the versatility; add to tea, smoothies, juices, and even baked goods. Check-out more on what our favorite top-shelf organic powders are can do!


Organic Spirulina Pressed-Powder Tablets

If you didn't already know, Spirulina is magical. Created from blue-green spiral algae, it's one of the most nutrient-dense foods packed with vitamins and minerals like chlorophyll, essential fatty acids, iodine, beta-carotene, iron, manganese, and other powerful antioxidants.

Helps to Boost Cellular Regeneration Spirulina neutralizes free radical scavengers while helping to reduce inflammation and making our body more alkaline for boosted cell regeneration. 

Repairs DNA A rich source of nucleic acids, Spirulina supports DNA repair with a hefty dose of raw nutrients.

Supports Comprehensive Health Research has shown that Spirulina mediates function for brain health, blood health, cell health, skin health, and cardiovascular health. 


Enjoy Neurogan Spirulina in this delectably bright-green smoothie recipe pulled from the Minimalist Baker

 5 Ingredient Super Green Spirulina Smoothie

-1 medium ripe banana (previously peeled and frozen)

-1/2 cup sliced cucumber (organic when possible // skin on)

-3/4 cup light coconut milk (or other non-dairy milk)

-1 cup spinach or chopped kale (organic when possible)

-1 tsp spirulina powder* (or 3 Neurogan Spirulina Tablets)

-1 Tbsp hemp seed (or sub chia seeds or vegan protein powder)


Organic Green Coffee Powder

Green coffee comes from the unroasted seeds of Arabica coffee plant grown in the central rainforest of Peru. Unlike your standard morning cup of coffee, green coffee is decaffeinated and hosts a plethora of healthy nutrients including antioxidants and chlorogenic acid.

Helps to boost metabolism This all caffeine-free Green Coffee Powder is known to help to boost metabolism. 

Supports Weight Loss Chlorogenic acid supports a reduction in glucose absorption closely linked to weight loss by reducing the uptake of carbohydrates during digestion. 

⌘ Promotes Heart Health This superfood promotes heart health by supporting blood vessel dilation and helping to lower blood pressure. 

EnRFQGKpUse Green Coffee Powder in baking (at or under 450ºF), smoothies, or juices. We think the earthy taste pairs well with sharp acidic fruit flavors. Create a lovely weight-loss enhancing blueberry lemonade treat 

 Blueberry Green Coffee Lemonade Elixir

-1 tbsp Green Coffee Powder 

-8oz Filtered Water 

-8-10 blueberries muddled

-1/2 lemon, juiced (if you like extra tart, use a full lemon)

-Add Agave (until the mixture is at your perfect level of sweetness)


neuroganAny Q's?

We wish you best on your health journey! Contact our team with all of your questions at 

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