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What Makes Neurogan Different?

Posted by Glory Finnegan on Oct 30, 2018 1:03:36 PM

These days, CBD is not in short supply. With its abundance of praise, companies have rushed to create their own herbal remedies and tinctures to meet the public demand. But consider this your fair warning, not all CBD is the same. In fact, there are numerous factors and conditions that go into making a high-quality product. 

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Are Hemp Oil & CBD Oil the Same?

Posted by Glory Finnegan on Oct 17, 2018 2:58:30 PM

 If you are confused on this topic, it’s not your fault. The ever-changing nature of cannabis’ legal status and social stigma make it difficult to keep up. We’re here to help make this topic easy- we'll break down the most common questions we receive associated with this complicated difference.

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Hemp Balm is About to be Your New Favorite Pain-Reliever

Posted by Glory Finnegan on Oct 8, 2018 11:00:00 AM

We are thrilled to introduce Neurogan Hemp BalmOur all-natural, full spectrum hemp formula is fast-acting and focuses on:

  • Relieving Discomfort in the body
  • Helping Muscles Recover from soreness, aches, and cramps
  • Soothing Pain caused by arthritis, sciatica, and more. 
  • Moisturizing to treat chapped lips and dry skin
  • Healing Scarred Tissue and other mild skin abrasions 
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What is the Difference Between Full-Spectrum CBD & Regular CBD?

Posted by Glory Finnegan on Sep 28, 2018 4:49:48 PM

Let's make this as uncomplicated as possible. There are two types of CBD available on the market today; Full-Spectrum CBD & Isolate (Regular) CBD.  Are they both CBD? Yes. But does this seemingly small distinction make a huge difference in their effectiveness? YES.

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3 Common Mistakes People Make With CBD

Posted by Glory Finnegan on Sep 26, 2018 4:17:51 PM

Have you been using CBD oil and not achieving your desired results? No need to throw in the towel just yet, let’s boil down some common mistakes among first-time and even, experienced users.

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How Do I Properly Use CBD?

Posted by Glory Finnegan on Sep 24, 2018 5:59:47 PM

Have you recently started your journey with hemp? If you're wondering how to use CBD - start by consulting with your health care professional, choosing your method of delivery, tracking your experience, maintaining consistency, and choosing a time of day that fits best with your schedule. Allow us to explain a little more.

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